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Are you bored with textbooks?

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Do you wish your students could actually speak the language?

Let me show you how to ditch the textbook, actively engage your students, and get them speaking like never before.

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Scott at Gatorland

Hi, I'm Scott.

Teacher, Presenter, Consultant, Author, Learner

I'm going to help you become an AWESOME

language teacher by singing, talking to, and reading with your students.

Since 2001, I have taught over 3000 students using comprehensible input getting them to speak and write like never before.

Since 2008, I have presented hundreds of workshops, presentations, and webinars on TPRS, comprehension-based techniques, grading, and assessment at national conferences such as NTPRS, iFLT and the Agen Workshop, for school districts like Minneapolis Public Schools, Norfolk Public Schools, Clark County School District, and Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, and individuals all over the world.

I'm also the author of the Immediate Immersion Spanish curricula, a TPRS-in-a-Box solution that includes everything you need to teach with comprehensible input starting TOMORROW!

If you're ready to get serious and truly create proficient second-language speakers, enroll in my Immediate Immersion course today!


You have questions. We have answers.

How long do I have to access the course?

You have three months to access the course from when you register.

Are college credits available?

Yes, there are! We offer graduate-level credits through the University of the Pacific/Benerd College for an additional charge paid to the university. You can read more about credits at

Do I get a completion certificate?

Of course! A completion certificate will be sent by email at the completion of the course.

Can I download the videos?

Unfortunately, you cannot download the videos, but they are accessible on your computer, tablet, and mobile phone anywhere you have internet access.

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